Getting To Budapest, Hungary

There are numerous options for arriving into Budapest

1) By air, passengers arrive at the Ferihegy airport, which is served primarily by the national air carrier Melev Airlines. Numerous other airlines also serve Budapest, from most major European cities. Taxis and/or airport shuttle buses are plentiful from the airport into the city. Taxis cost approximately 21 Euro from the airport into the city center.

2) Arrival by train is also feasible, especially if coming from Vienna and the ASRS meeting. The trip from Vienna to Budapest takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. There are three main train stations in Budapest, so check on where your train route ends, and then plan to take a taxi to the Gresham Palace.

3) An alternative route of arrival is via ferry or hydrofoil on the Danube River, especially if coming from Vienna. The hydrofoil service from Vienna to Budapest takes approximately 6 hours (via Bratislava). There is a 9 AM departure out of Vienna, on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday during the summer months. Carefully check the departure and arrival schedules of possible changes.

You will need a current passport, though no Visa is required for visitors from the USA. Participants from other countries, please check the Hungarian regulations.